Peach & Cheese Quesadillas

I bought some peaches at the farmer’s market two weekends ago.  I originally thought I might make a cobbler but then I started thinking that it would be fun to make something a bit more unique so I did a google search on peach recipes.  I came across a number of intriguing ideas but many of them called for unusual ingredients that I did not have available, some of which were so obscure I didn’t know where I could find them at all.  Eventually I came stumbled upon this recipe & knew I had to try it:

As usual I couldn’t follow it EXACTLY, partly because I didn’t have brie cheese.  Here’s my version of the recipe below:

1.  Heat up a few tablespoons of coconut oil in a skillet (y’all know I never actually measure).  I use medium heat (setting 4-5).  I always use one of our iron skillets because they make everything taste even more delicious.  This is the coconut oil I use, which I get at Sam’s Club. P10801992. While the oil is heating, peel & slice 2 small peaches (or 1 large one).  I had small ones today so I used 2 this time.  Take it from me & do yourself the favor of buying locally grown peaches.  This weekend I got some at WalMart because we were already there getting some other things, & trust me these peaches don’t taste half as good as the ones I got at the farmer’s market the previous weekend.P10801953. Slice cheese into roughly 6 thin pieces.  I used this Dubliner Irish cheese we get at Sam’s Club.  It’s delicious but I think any mild-flavored cheese would work just fine.  P10801984. Cut or tear a tortilla down the middle & place each half in the skillet with the oil.  Place half of the peaches & half of the cheese on one piece of the tortilla & the other half on the other piece.  It works best if you place the peaches & cheese on only one half of each piece of the tortilla & then fold the tortilla over (like a taco).  These are the tortillas I used today but any kind, including whole wheat, ought to work. P10801965. Cook for roughly 2 minutes on one side of tortilla; then flip & cook 2 minutes on opposite side of tortilla.  The tortilla should be crispy & golden brown when you’re done.

6. While the quesadilla is cooling, squeeze a few drops of lime juice over each half.  Then spread some honey over each side as well.  The original recipe calls for a dipping sauce but I think it works just as well to simply spread the lime juice & honey directly onto the quesadilla.  I don’t think the lime juice is absolutely essential if you want to make this & don’t have any around, but I do think it adds a nice citrusy flavor.  My favorite honey is pictured below.  I get it at Kroger.P1080200Here’s the final product!  I wasn’t sure at first if peaches & cheese would really go together but they do.  I can’t claims that this is a truly healthy recipe as there is quite a bit of sugar in it, but at least the sugar is all natural (from fresh fruit & honey).  It’s definitely a super quick recipe as it takes me 15 minutes at most to make it.  I think this works well as both a dessert and an appetizer.  Or even as breakfast.  If you’ve got some peaches lying around that you need to use up, give this a try.  If not, go buy some peaches & see if this might become a new favorite summer-time treat.  I know it has for me.


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