Three Small Words That Will Improve Your Relationships

Thank you, James M. Sama, for reading my mind once again when you wrote this post. I could not possibly agree more with every word of this article. And you even quoted my favorite line from one of my all-time favorite books . . . Seriously, everyone needs to read this article & take it to heart.

James Michael Sama

Many people read through my articles or see what I post on Facebook or Twitter and tell me that they wish their relationship could be “like that.” They tell me the expectations I set for individuals and couples are unrealistic. That nobody is really that happy. That romance and chivalry are just…dead.

To all of you, absorb this: You have the power to do better.

Like anything in life, great things don’t come to those who wish, great things come to those who actually take action and make changes in order to attract the love, success, and happiness they desire.


Are you not happy with the person you’re with? Walk away.

Do they mistreat you or act in ways that are unacceptable? Communicate your concerns to them, and if they don’t change, walk away.

Are they physically or emotionally abusive in any way? Run away. Now.

I understand that it’s…

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