Recipe: Coconut Milk Curry Chicken

Alright, y’all, today I thought I’d post something light-hearted & fun: a recipe!  For those of you who know me in real life, you know that I am not the biggest fan of cooking, but I like to think that what I do make is usually pretty good.  Last week a coworker of mine told me about an easy dish that she likes to make: coconut milk & curry chicken.  In the past couple of years I’ve developed a love for curry (the yellow kind) so I was immediately interested.  My coworker gave me a basic rundown of how she makes it, & this past weekend I gave it a try.  It was delicious, super easy, & fast, basically the three things I require of any recipe I want to use on a regular basis.  Today I decided to experiment a little further with the recipe by adding potatoes, & let me tell you, it was absolutely divine.  I was standing in the kitchen trying not to lick the bowl because it was soooo good.  So I thought, let’s do something different & post a recipe today because I’m sure there are others out there who like me are always on the look-out for a new easy recipe.

I wish I’d thought of this idea as I was cooking so I could have taken pictures as I went but we’ll have to make do with the ones I took afterward.

1. Put your skillet on the stove & turn the burner on to about level 3-4.  I always use cast-iron skillets because I believe they make food taste the best.

2. Use a spoonful or two of coconut oil (or your preferred cooking oil; coconut is my favorite because it doesn’t splatter like olive oil does).  This is the coconut oil I currently use:


3. Once the oil is hot, sprinkle some curry into it & let it simmer for a minute or two before adding the chicken.  I never measure much of anything when I cook, so I don’t know exactly how much curry I used.  I would just recommend starting with a little (at least 1 TBS) & adding a little more as the dish is cooking & tasting to see how much you like.  This is the curry I use which I got at Sam’s Club but most grocery stores have it, just in smaller bottles or perhaps a different brand.P1070214 4. Add in your chicken.  I used pre-cooked chicken that I got at Sam’s Club because frankly I am lazy & this is so much easier.  For the more ambitious cooks out there, you can use any type of chicken you have around, but I would recommend cutting it into small pieces so that it cooks faster.

P10702165. Allow the chicken to simmer with the curry for a few minutes.  If you’re using raw chicken, obviously this will take a little longer & you’ll have to use your own judgment about when to add in the coconut milk.  With the pre-cooked chicken, I added the coconut milk after about 3 minutes.  The can of coconut milk I used actually had a very similar recipe on it & it suggested using the whole can.  When I made this over the weekend I only made enough for 2 servings & I used maybe 1/3 of the can.  (For reference, the can was about the size of a regular can of Campbell’s soup.)  Today I made enough to hopefully last 3-4 servings so I used the remainder of the can.  I already threw away the can so I don’t remember what brand it was but any kind of basic coconut milk should suffice.

6. Today I enhanced the recipe by adding potatoes.  I peeled the potatoes & boiled them down until they were soft & could be easily mashed with a fork.  I used maybe 1 tsp of salt while boiling the potatoes.  After draining the potatoes I mashed them up with a fork & added maybe 1-2 tsps of butter for flavoring.  I then poured the chicken concoction over top the potatoes & mixed it with a fork.  I know the picture below looks like nothing more than weird porridge but I promise it is so incredibly delicious.P1070213

If you want to use the potatoes, I would recommend starting them first so they are already boiling before you start everything else.  I think this recipe would also go very well with rice, though I haven’t tried that yet.  I apologize that these directions aren’t super specific as far as measurements go, but that’s just the way I cook.  I think it’s more fun that way.

Word of warning: If you’ve never cooked with yellow curry before, just know that it does have a tendency to stain everything it touches a nice bright yellow color.  So wash your cooking utensils quickly so the stain comes off easily.

Additionally, this recipe reheats very well which is always a huge selling point for me because I love good left-overs; they mean less cooking for me!

Total preparation time: approximately 45 minutes (without potatoes: approximately 15 minutes)

Please let me know if you try this recipe, & if so, how it turns out.  Happy cooking!

I Started a Blog!

Some time in the014 past year a friend of mine from college suggested I start a blog when I was feeling kind of bored with life.  It’s actually an idea I’ve been tossing around for a long time.  As much as I love writing & photography, a blog seems like the perfect way to share all of my ideas, experiences, & questions about life.  But I’ve always hesitated to actually do it because I wasn’t sure how to get started on the technology side of things & in addition I feel a little arrogant thinking that people will actually WANT to read the things I write.  But nonetheless I’ve been inspired by one of my best friends who just started her own fantastic blog so I’ve decided to give it a whirl.

For my first post I decided to keep things light & humorous.  So here goes!

I’m including a picture of my adorable welsh corgi puppy, Chaucer.  You’re welcome.

 25 Signs You Might Actually Be an Adult After All

  1. Half the texts you receive are from your job asking if you can come in to work an extra shift. (Ok, maybe not half but a significant portion.)
  2. Your Facebook newsfeed is filled with pictures of babies, pets, & recipes instead of parties & clubs.
  3. You can say “5 years ago when I was in college.”
  4. You can say “10 years ago when I was in high school.”
  5. The signs at the grocery store that say “Your birthday must be on or before such & such day of such & such year to buy alcohol or cigarettes” freak you out.  How could that year possibly be in the 90’s?!
  6. Speaking of which, how is it possible that the 80’s are no longer 20 years ago?!
  7. If you don’t already have kids, the idea of having them someday becomes less & less strange even if only two years ago you couldn’t imagine it at all.
  8. Unless you work night shift, staying up past 11 pm qualifies as staying up late.
  9. You see teenagers at the mall & wonder what the heck is wrong with them.  Surely you never acted THAT annoying, right?
  10. A drink at home is infinitely more enticing than a drink out . . . Who wants to pay the ridiculous mark-up?
  11. You realize that karma is real, & sometimes it’s nice to watch her work.
  12. You no longer get carded (or at least a lot less frequently).
  13. People refer to you as Mr. or Mrs./Ms. & you want to tell them you’re not old enough to go by that but then you realize you actually are.
  14. Instead of asking “Are you married?” people skip straight to “Do you have kids?”
  15. You no longer obsess over every single aspect of your appearance before leaving the house b/c you’ve realized no one actually cares that much.
  16. You no longer care if your clothes are totally “in style” & thus you don’t force yourself to wear things you don’t like just to “be cool.”
  17. You’ve come to the realization that you will never please everyone & not everyone is going to like you.  And you are totally ok with this.
  18. Every time you consider making a big purchase you think about how many hours you have to work to pay for it.
  19. You wonder how the heck your mom managed to work full time & still cook a meal every night.
  20. On a similar note, you find yourself actually enjoying cooking even if you don’t do it as much as you know you should.
  21. You find babies cute for the first time in your life.  (Ok, I guess a lot of people have always found babies cute.)
  22. You have a retirement plan/account.  Or you at least think about getting one.
  23. You no longer know anyone in your local high school.  However, you know a lot of the people on the arrest docket.  Or in the marriage/baby announcements.
  24. Modern pop music makes your ears bleed.
  25. You just read through this list and laughed because you know these things are true.  But you are totally ok with that because you have realized that just being alive is such an incredible blessing.