Life Updates

Well, the past month has been a bit of a whirlwind.  I was planning on posting the second half of my most influential albums post . . . oh, about 3-4 weeks ago!  Well, as it happened, life intervened.  I got busy with work & then I came down with a terrible GI bug that landed me in the ER getting IV fluids & a small dose of Phenergan.  Took a few days to fully recover from that ordeal, but then a wonderful thing happened called the second trimester!  (I promise I will eventually share the next part of the influential albums post.)

second trimester

Ok, the first trimester wasn’t “so awful,” but it definitely wasn’t a piece of cake either.

So many people had told me that I would magically feel better once I hit week 14, but honestly I didn’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed, so as week 14 approached it was only with cautious optimism that I hoped to start feeling better.  As it turned out, within a matter of two or three days I could tell a HUGE difference in my appetite & energy level.  By the end of week 14 I was feeling better than I had in at least six weeks.  I’ll be 16 weeks tomorrow & I’m still feeling great.  In fact I just got back from visiting one of my dearest friends in Boston.  She has an adorable 6 month old baby who made my weekend visit even more fun than last year’s trip.  And I managed to NOT pass out on the street in downtown Boston (from dehydration) like I did last year so that was a major bonus too!  Ha!  The only downside to the trip was that the airline oversold both of my flights so I had to sit around waiting in nervous trepidation both times to find out if I’d actually make my flight.  This morning’s return flight was overbooked by 16 seats!  How obnoxious is that?!  I’m just really thankful for the 16 people who were willing to try for another flight (they were compensated of course) so I could make it home today.  I didn’t have an assigned seat on my ticket so I’m quite sure I would have been booted if not for those volunteers.P1120657

Anyway, I had a great time in Boston & I’m so thankful for all the advice my friend gave me about pregnancy, birth, & babies in general.  I changed a very poopy diaper which was a new experience for me (yes, I’m 27 & had never changed a poopy diaper ON A BABY until this weekend).  I must say it is definitely an art, but it is MUCH easier on babies than it is on adults.  I’m used to cleaning up all kinds of messes at the hospital so dirty diapers definitely aren’t the scary part of motherhood for me.  Indeed, I was very relieved to find that spending the weekend with a baby didn’t actually increase my fears or anxiety related to my impending motherhood.  In fact, much to my pleasant surprise I found myself thinking over & over again “I know this is going to be hard, but I can really DO this!  I can!”  It was such a great feeling to experience because I’ve always doubted myself so much when it comes to motherhood.

'Hey, half my chromosomes are YOURS, you know.'

Considering my husband is a genetics researcher, I can totally see our kid(s) saying this to me (or him) someday. Ha!

Other events of the past month include getting a flat tire from a bad pothole & having to replace all four tires on my car.  They were old & needed to be replaced anyway; I just wasn’t planning on doing it right after buying new furniture (two recliners for the living room, plus an additional one for the future nursery).  I got the flat tire on a Monday afternoon & of course I had to work that night so I had to rely on the graciousness of several different coworkers to transport me to & from work that night & the next two nights (because of course I was working three in a row!).  But it all worked out in the end.

Lady about flat tire: 'It's not too bad - it's only flat on the bottom.'

On a more positive note, I had an appointment with my midwifery group last week, & I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler machine.  It’s basically the same device we use in the hospital to find distal pulses on cardiac cath patients, but it’s such a neat experience to hear that little heartbeat, coming from inside of me, pumping so fast!pregnancy hormones cartoon

I’ve written this post mainly to clear my own head because even though I had a great time this weekend, I came home this morning & collapsed on the recliner in a fit of sobbing.  Don’t ask me why because I’m as clueless as anyone else.  The only answer is pregnancy hormones screwing with my head.  Trust me, as someone who prides herself on being logical & rational,  I hate feeling like an out of control emotional disaster.  But now that I’ve had a good cry (& some pizza because, face it, pizza solves everything), & cuddled with my husband & my corgi, I’m feeling much better.


Here’s a picture of Chaucer from our hike last weekend at Doughton Park off of the Blue Ridge Parkway

I’ll end this post with the link to an awesome song I discovered last week:  I’ve known about Apocalyptica since college & have always enjoyed a few of their pieces, but it’s only recently that I’ve really delved into their work.  And I’m truly loving it.  As I posted on my Facebook last week, I’m sure this isn’t what the average pregnant woman (or any woman) listens to, but since when has normal every been interesting?

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Please allow me to preface this by stating that today’s post is purely my opinion & not meant to be taken too seriously.  I realize this is, at the end of the day, a fairly superficial issue, but nonetheless it’s something I feel compelled to discuss.  Also the title is a bit misleading as I’m really not into the true cowboy look, but I couldn’t think of a better one.

How did I forget to include a picture of the perfectly-dressed Wade from "Hart of Dixie" yesterday?  Oh well, better late than never.

How did I forget to include a picture of the perfectly-dressed Wade from “Hart of Dixie” yesterday? Oh well, better late than never.

This post was inspired by our trip to Boston this weekend where I was a bridesmaid in my college roommate’s wedding.  During our quick tour of Boston I couldn’t help but notice that 99% of the men I saw, whether on the street, on the subway, or in restaurants/stores, were wearing either suits or tight/skinny jeans.  Ewwwwww.  (Just to be clear, I also notice this phenomenon in NC far too much for my comfort.)  Again this is purely subjective, but I am writing this mainly to confirm that there are other ladies out there who are so over this skinny jean fad for men (& women too actually) & who much prefer men in jeans & a T-shirt over a suit or tux any day.  I’ve never understood why so many women find men so attractive in suits.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always preferred a more casual, relaxed look.  If it had been totally up to us, my husband would definitely have worn jeans & a plaid button-up shirt to our wedding instead of a suit.  But we stuck with a suit because we didn’t feel like rocking the boat too much.  (On the same token, I stuck with a white dress when I really wanted to wear green.  Kind of wish I’d actually gone through with the green dress though.)

I'm biased because I love his music, but Eric Church  knows how to dress: simple & casual but still put-together.

I’m biased because I love his music, but Eric Church knows how to dress: simple & casual but still put-together.

To a certain extent we are all affected by where we grew up & the culture of that area.  So I suppose it’s not too shocking that I find men in jeans & a T-shirt or plaid shirt more attractive than men in suits.  After all I did grow up in a very rural area where suits were solely worn for church, funerals, & weddings.  But even so I’ve never been particularly fond of the cowboy look that is so prevalent in rural areas because a cowboy hat & boots have always struck me as a bit superfluous unless of course you are an actual cowboy, & let’s face, it, that’s unlikely, unless perhaps you’re in Montana or Wyoming.  And just to prove I’m not too much of a country girl stereotype, I’ve never once been “mudding,” have only been fishing once (& have no real interest in going again), & am very picky about country music & indeed I actually prefer hard rock & metal (& classical of course).  Additionally I know plenty of women from rural areas who still find the suit/tux look very attractive for men, so clearly our preferences aren’t 100% dictated by our background.

hipster male fashion


Perhaps my dislike of suits arises partly from the fact that I’ve always been most attracted to men with broad shoulders & muscular arms & these types of men usually look a bit stiff & awkward in suits.   Additionally, as I’ve written about in the past, I am a very casual person so formalwear is far from my cup of tea (for myself included, & naturally if a man is wearing a suit, it means I would need to be dressed up to in order to be with him).  I don’t like fancy restaurants because the atmosphere feels stiff & forced, & I prefer bonfires by the river (or house parties) to clubs or bars any day of the week (largely because at the former you can actually talk to people without screaming over obnoxiously loud dance music & you can drink without paying an arm & a leg for it).

Imran Khan is a Hindi actor who has a great relaxed style.

Imran Khan is a Hindi actor who has a great relaxed style.  I mean, how could you say no to this?

Basically all I’m saying is why are so many men forcing themselves to wear tight jeans, silly hipster sweaters, & suits when none of these things can be at all comfortable?  If something isn’t comfortable, I don’t wear it.  Wearing something uncomfortable just violates my sense of logic & practicality.  This is why I don’t own a single pair of stilettos & never will.  Also when will society ever get over the idea that dressing up somehow makes you a “better” or more trust-worthy person?  I fully support the notion that we shouldn’t go out in public without looking in a mirror & trying to appear at least a little bit “put-together,” but why should a man in a suit automatically be judged as wealthier, more honorable, or more “gentlemanly” than a man in jeans & a T-shirt?  And as much as I hated the low-riding “gansta” jeans of the 2000’s, tight jeans on men are just gross.  Duh.

skinny jeans men

Thank goodness for men like my husband who are rocking the jeans & T-shirt look.  Now can y’all help the rest of your gender get their act together?  Please & thank you.