Here’s What NOT to Say to a New Mom

As you may know if you’ve read my most recent blog posts, my baby girl just turned one year old.  It is true what they say: time flies even faster when you’re a parent, as cliche as that may be.  Anyhow, I’ve been contemplating this post for months now & I am finally getting around to writing it.  Let me preface it by saying that if you are reading this & realize you are guilty of saying any of the following things to me, please don’t feel bad or worry that I hate you.  I don’t.  Trust me.first bithday cartoon

So without further ado, here are some things I really wish people would stop saying to new moms.  And just to be clear, when I say new moms I mean in the first 3 months or so because that is the time during which I think these questions are particularly absurd- &, strangely enough, when they seem most likely to be asked!

  1. “Is she a good baby?”  Um, what?  I mean really, what kind of question is that?  As if anyone is actually going to respond “No, my child is the spawn of Satan.  She is terrible & I’m ready to give her back.”  To be fair, we’ve all probably felt that way at times but it’s not like we’d ever say it, especially not to a random stranger, who is usually the person asking this absurd question in the first place.  Just don’t. breastfeeding book quote
  2. “Is the baby sleeping through the night?”  First of all, why do you care?  Second of all, if you’re asking this before about 3 months of ago, it’s really a stupid question.  Babies that young are not SUPPOSED to sleep through the night, especially if they are breastfed.  New moms are MORE than aware of the sleep deprivation they’re experiencing so there is no need to remind them about it by asking this pointless question.
  3. “You look tired.”  No s***!  I haven’t slept more than 3 consecutive hours in weeks thanks to cluster feeding.  Of course I’m tired, & I’m already acutely aware of how ridiculous it makes me look.  There is no need to point it out to me.

  4. “When you are having the next one?”  Oh man, this one really makes my head spin.  I just pushed a human being out of my body, I haven’t slept more than a few hours at a time in weeks, & you are asking me when I want to do that again?!  Are you insane?!  You must be.  For the first 2-3 months after Rachel was born, I was quite certain I was NEVER going to be able to have another child.  I just felt like there was no way I could possibly endure that newborn stage again.  And honestly even now that she is a year old, I’m still nowhere near ready to even think about tackling another pregnancy, much less another baby.  The newborn stage is NOT my favorite by any stretch of the imagination & I’m pretty sure if I had to do that with a toddler running around the house I’d truly lose my mind.  I wish I were kidding but I’m not.  As far as I’m concerned I won’t be ready to think about another baby until Rachel is potty-trained & speaking in complete sentences.  I have immense respect for moms who are able to have kids really close together.  Part of me wishes I could do that but I just don’t have the patience & that’s all there is to doesnt want your advice onesie
  5. “You think this is hard?  Just wait till she’s walking, talking, etc.”  Ok, this is another one that really grinds my gears.  First of all, it’s completely unhelpful & downright depressing.  There is no such thing as a new mom who isn’t struggling one way or another so this kind of comment is just like rubbing salt in a wound.  Second of all, maybe the newborn stage was easy for you & the toddler stage was really hard, but how do you know the same will be true for me?  The answer is you don’t.  Every stage is different for every mom, just as every child is different.  What was really easy for you might be really hard for me & vice versa.  So just stop mom decisions
  6. “It goes so fast.  Appreciate every moment.”  I know you mean well, I really do, but please just shut up with this one already.  No one can appreciate EVERY moment because that’s just not possible.  Inevitably there will be moments as a new mom that just frankly suck.  There will be moments when you really want to scream because you truly don’t know what you’re doing & you’re just so damn tired.  And it’s in those moments when you feel so guilty for not loving every moment because everyone you know is so busy trying to remind you how fast your baby will grow up & you end up thinking something is terribly wrong with you because you aren’t loving every single minute.  Do you see now how a seemingly innocuous comment can actually be extremely hurtful?I had this wonderful dream that I slept... but then I woke up.

I apologize if this post comes across as overly negative.  I just find myself reminiscing a lot lately about those first few weeks of motherhood & how hard they were for me, & I can’t help but think that hearing the above comments & questions (often from pure strangers) only made things harder.  I know some moms are super laid-back & handle the newborn stage with a lot more grace than I did, but it isn’t an easy stage for anyone, especially first time moms.  There isn’t much anyone can do to make the transition to motherhood a whole lot easier BUT if people would stop saying the types of things I’ve mentioned here, I truly believe it would help at least a little bit.  So the next time you’re tempted to ask any of the above questions or make any of the above comments to a new mom, please hold your tongue & say something else instead.  Or better yet just let her talk & tell you how things are going for her.  And if she’s struggling, promise her that things will get better & that you’ll be there to help.  That’s what she really needs to hear.

new mom cartoon

The Blame Game

Today is my 29th birthday.  I spent the first part of it at an urgent care facility due to a terribly annoying case of bronchitis.  But I’ve obtained an antibiotic now & a breastfeeding-friendly cough syrup, so hopefully I’ll be feeling much better very soon.  Also, I burnt my tongue on a cup of tea on Thursday & it’s still incredibly sore.  Lame.

almost 30

Haha, turning 30 doesn’t actually scare me.

Anyway, I know it’s typical to have rather mixed feelings about turning 29 as it is the last year before hitting the big 3-0, but to be perfectly honest I really couldn’t care less.  I am just thankful to have such a wonderful husband & baby girl (who just turned one last week!) & so many wonderful friends & family.  And aside from this bout of bronchitis I am grateful for good health.  When I worked in the hospital before Rachel was born, I took care of patients younger than I am who ended up dying.  So I really try to keep that in mind & realize what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to grow “old.”  Besides, I’ve been “old at heart” for years now anyway!

On that note, today’s post might make me seem like a really crotchety old lady.  But I don’t care because I think this topic needs to be discussed.  self-responsibility-ownership

So yesterday it came to my attention that Rob Gronkowski, commonly referred to as Gronk, of the New England Patriots committed what basically everyone agrees was a really dirty hit on a player from the Buffalo Bills.  That unfortunate player is now under observation for a concussion.  What’s really crazy about this whole scenario is that Gronk was not suspended from the game for his misbehavior, & as of this writing he has not yet received any punishment from the NFL.  Naturally Gronk has come out & blithely apologized for this hit, trying to say he was just acting out his frustration. gronk

But here’s the thing: an apology isn’t enough!  Gronk is a grown man (just shy of four months younger than I am, in fact) & he gets paid millions of dollars to play a game for a living.  Admittedly I have no idea what it’s like to be play professional football or to be a veritable barrel of testosterone as Gronk surely is, but nonetheless I don’t think there is any good excuse for willfully hurting another player the way he did, no matter how frustrated one is.

But the truth is it won’t shock me at all if Gronk receives no real punishment for his behavior because it seems that nowadays anyone can get away with anything.  I mean, just last week an illegal immigrant who has been deported multiple times was declared not guilty of murdering a woman in California when it seems pretty clear he was guilty of manslaughter at the very least.blame society

What I’m getting at here is this: our society has come to the conclusion that no one is ever really responsible for anythingIt’s always someone else’s fault.  Your kid didn’t get straight A’s?  Must be the teacher’s fault.  You’re overweight?  Must be the fast food industry’s fault.  You treat your spouse/SO like crap?  Must be your parents’ fault for setting a bad example.  I could go on & on but I’m sure you get the drift.  Is it wise to be aware of the ways in which society influences individuals?  Absolutely.  But the problem with blaming someone or everyone else for our every misdeed is that when everyone is responsible, no one is responsible.  How can we ever expect the world to change for the better if no one ever takes responsibility for their actions?  How can we affect positive change in the world when we’re all busy blaming everyone else for our problems?  The answer is we can’t.self responsibility

I’m reminded of a lamb of god song called Delusion Pandemic off their latest album.  You’ll have to excuse the “profanity” but these lyrics from Randy Blythe are harsh but true & are exactly what I think our world needs to hear right now:

“Now is the moment that everything can change
You are completely responsible for your own life
And no one is coming to save you from yourself
So stop blaming your problems on any or everything else
It does not matter one tiny fucking bit
How unfair you think the world is, it’s only what you do
Right here, right now
Right this fucking instant that matters
It’s your choice to
Sink or swim”

randy blythe

Randy Blythe, lead singer of lamb of god, a metal band based out of my home state of Virginia

Just to be completely candid here, I realize I am far from perfect.  I have plenty of faults (including being a good 20 lbs overweight at the moment) & I am as tempted as anyone to find excuses for them.  But the older I get the more I realize how useless that is.  It’s very easy to live with the comfortable notion that you can’t really change your life because circumstances are beyond your control.  But that’s called stagnation, & I for one am not content with that.  If I want to change my life, it’s up to ME to do it because I’m the only one who truly CAN.  Is that scary?  Yes.  But it’s also incredibly empowering.

The same is true for you.  Stop the blame game.  Get over the victim complex.  And make the most of your life, knowing you & you alone are truly responsible for your actions & the consequences thereof.  If each of us took that mentality, I’m quite sure we would see a great deal of positive change in this world.  tolstoy quote

I’ll end with another empowering song, Do You Really Want It? off of Nothing More’s recent album The Stories We Tell Ourselves.  

You gotta dig up the past to get past this
(Anxious feeling)
You gotta get ripped apart to see why you’re breathing
(To find your reason)
So I can shake these American demons
Ohh, gimme, gimme, gimme

Everybody wants to change the world
But one thing’s clear
No one ever wants to change themselves
That’s the way things are

10 Reasons Why I’m Not Throwing a First Birthday Party

It’s so hard to believe but Rachel’s first birthday is coming up in less than a month now, so inevitably I’ve been getting questions about what we’re doing for her party.  Well, the answer is this: we aren’t doing a party.  Not a REAL one anyway, not the kind everyone seems to be doing these days.  There are a few reasons for this which I will detail below, but let me first preface this by saying I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having big (or small) birthday parties for your babies/kids, especially if it’s something you actually enjoy doing.  Furthermore Rachel & I have been to two first birthday parties in the past six weeks or so & we’ve had a great time at both.  And yes, part of me feels bad that I won’t be “reciprocating” by hosting a party for Rachel for her/my friends to attend.  However, I really just can’t muster up the energy to throw a party, & here’s why:Happy First Birthday

  1. The logical part of my brain- which is a big part of it- says “Why bother?” because she won’t remember or really understand any of it.  Maybe that’s beside the point but I can’t erase it from my head.
  2. I’m a serious introvert so the idea of hosting a party & having a bunch of people in my house all at one time is enough to make me want to cry.  For real.  I just can’t handle it.  Plus our house is small & really not ideal for hosting more than a handful of folks, & there is no way I am renting a venue for a one year old’s birthday party.

  3. I hate decorating.  It is so not for me.  Banners & balloons & all of that cutesy stuff just isn’t my cup of tea at all.  Ughhh.  (Can you tell I never use Pinterest?)
  4. Rachel’s birthday is close enough to both Thanksgiving & Christmas that I figure everyone will be busy with events related to those holidays anyway.  Maybe that’s just an excuse but I’m running with it.
  5. Rachel doesn’t need any more toys or clothes.  She really doesn’t need any THING at all, yet I know if we had a party people would feel obligated to bring gifts even if I specified “no gifts” on the invitation.  If you’re reading this & really want to get her a birthday present, please consider just getting her a book because you can NEVER have too many books.  Or there is always the option of cash or a check which we can deposit in her bank account.  But really, she doesn’t need any more STUFF.hungry hungry caterpiller
  6. None of our family lives near us so it’s not convenient for them to come down here or for us to drive several hours to them for a party, especially when everyone will have just traveled for Thanksgiving &/or will soon be traveling for Christmas.
  7. Parties cost money & while we are by no means poor, we aren’t making nearly as much money since I left the hospital & am only working part time at a clinic.  The reduced income is totally worth it because of the time I get to spend with Rachel, but it does mean we need to be more careful with discretionary spending.  And I just don’t care anywhere near enough about throwing a party to “waste” money on one.  I’d rather spend that money on her one-year pictures (which we’re doing next week).birthday cupcake 1
  8. Birthdays have never been a big thing for my family or my husband’s family, so it’s just not part of our mentality to make a big deal out of birthday parties.
  9. We love Rachel to pieces but we do not think hosting a party is a requirement to express our love for her.
  10. I am lazy.  There, I said it, so you don’t have to.

I think what we’ll end up doing for her “party” is just getting a cake when we’re visiting our families for Thanksgiving, & we can sing “happy birthday,” take lots of cute pictures, take turns cuddling & kissing her, & that will be plenty good enough for me.

halloween rachel

Here’s Rachel in her Halloween costume which I got from a friend’s yard sale.  We did not go trick or treating but I had to put her in the costume long enough to take a picture.  As you can see, she was not amused by being a peacock.  But she was a cute one nonetheless!

A few days ago I saw a post on Facebook about a mom who was incredibly stressed about her kid’s first birthday party.  She even posted pictures of the intricately decorated cakes she had made for her older children’s first birthday parties, saying how worried she was about making another one just as perfect.  I had to restrain myself from telling the woman to stop being so ridiculous & find something real to stress about.  I know that sounds awful, but seriously, ladies: none of us could possibly ENJOY fretting ourselves half to death over a party for a child who is too young to really know what’s happening & certainly won’t remember it.  I mean let’s be honest.  These parties are 99% for the parents, not the kids.  And that’s totally fine if that’s really what you want.  But there are enough real things for us to worry about as moms that to add more stress to our lives by forcing ourselves to throw elaborate birthday parties is frankly just insane.  I have a suspicion that a lot of moms throw these elaborate parties because they feel like they have to “keep up with the Joneses” so to speak.  Well, as far as I’m concerned, if anyone judges me for not throwing a birthday party for my one year old, those are the kind of people whose friendship I am not interested in having anyway.first bithday cartoon

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if you want to throw an elaborate party for your kid, by all means, go for it.  But if it’s going to become a source of stress & frustration for you, then for goodness sake, don’t do it.  I know for me it would just be stressful & annoying which is why I’m skipping the whole routine.  End of story.

Dear New Mom

Dear New Mom,

I know you’re in some ways happier than you’ve ever been, soaking up all those newborn cuddles & feeling your heart expand to give out a kind of love you never before knew possible.  But I also know you’re struggling under the weight of what feels like an obnoxious burden that was thrust on you just when you needed to rest & recover from birth. guilt

Being a new mom is HARD.  So hard.  And what often times makes it even harder is all the people telling you exactly how ecstatic & blissful you should be.  Please remember this: most of the people saying that haven’t had a newborn to care for in YEARS.  They have largely forgotten how INTENSE this phase of life really is.  Yes, it’s wonderful, but it’s also REALLY FREAKING HARD.

I’ll be honest with you & admit that I probably experienced a mild to moderate form of postpartum depression.  I didn’t fully realize it at the time but thankfully I was already on Prozac for anxiety before & during pregnancy & was quickly switched to Zoloft after giving birth because it is considered better for breastfeeding.  I believe this kept any PPD I experienced from completely devastating me.  But even so, trust me I had my moments of utter despair & confusion.  Moments of loneliness & uncertainty when I questioned why I had ever thought I should be a mom.  Moments when I had to step out of the room & just cry or scream so that I could be sure I wouldn’t hurt my baby. PPD_Graphic.jpg

But that’s exactly what they were: moments, nothing more.  They didn’t define me as a mom because I didn’t let them.  Even on my worst days/nights, I somehow managed (most of the time) to give myself a little grace.  That & venting to some truly wonderful friends (most of whom were already moms) is how I survived those first few weeks of motherhood that were in so many ways like one longgggg march of fatigue & confusion.

Here’s what I think you really need to hear as a new mom: it gets easier.  Yes!  It does!  It really does!  There is light at the end of the tunnel.  And it may come sooner than you think. pema chodron quote 2

If you’re breastfeeding, there will come a time when you don’t spend every waking moment with a baby attached to your chest.  It WILL happen.  I promise.  Trust me, I was so, so close to giving up so many times.  But I held out largely because so many women had told me that everything would get magically easier around six weeks.  And to my great surprise they were right.  I made a vow to myself that if it didn’t get easier by six weeks I would quit for the sake of my own mental health, but I am eternally grateful that it did get easier.  But if that isn’t true for you & you feel like you need to supplement with formula or switch to formula entirely, DO IT!  A mentally stable mom is the single most important thing a baby needs, so (within reason of course) do whatever you need to do to achieve that goal.pema chodron compassion

The next time someone says “Oh, just wait till she’s crawling all over the place” or “You’re going to miss this when he’s talking back to you someday,” just smile & nod & know that that person has not one clue what they’re talking about.  Or better yet, you can be braver than I am & tell them to mind their own damn business.  Because the truth of the matter is you may not miss the newborn stage.  And if you don’t, there is NOTHING wrong with you.  I know I don’t miss it!  I have only come to love my daughter more & more the older she has gotten, & I have learned that every stage has its advantages & disadvantages.  Thus the best thing we can do is try to relax & enjoy each one as best we can.  Easier said than done of course.  motherhood-quote

The truth about motherhood, especially the newborn phase, is that it is the most intense emotional & physical experience of your life.  There will be moments you love, moments you like, & moments you hate.  But they’re all just that: moments.  Give yourself the grace to experience every emotion that crosses your mind.  And trust me, in those first few weeks every emotion known to man (or should I say woman?) will definitely strike your heart- often times many all at once, some of which may be contradictory.  Just allow yourself to experience them all & remember that this will get easier.  As time passes you will have more arrows in your quiver, so to speak, so even if the challenges you face seem “bigger” you’ll have more ammunition to throw at them.  And you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing you have survived every challenge you’ve faced so far.  And that, my friend, is worth a lot.birth-of-mother

If you’ve made it this far, congrats!  Who knows how many times you had to stop during the course of reading this to nurse your baby, make a bottle, or change a diaper?  But just know this: it gets easier, it gets better, & you can do this.  If I can, anyone can.

Never Say Never

Well, it’s been forever since I blogged.  Life has been a bit of a blur lately.  I truly do not know how moms who work full time survive.  I feel like I’m running ragged a lot of the time & I only work two days a week.  Then again, being a stay at home mom is in some ways the hardest job I’ve ever had, so maybe it all evens out in the end.

Anyway, this past week was one of the hardest weeks I’ve experienced since becoming a mom.  I gave Rachel cheese twice last weekend & discovered the hard way that she is most likely not yet over her dairy intolerance.  Thankfully she can handle me eating dairy now (mainly just cheese & butter as I’ve found I actually prefer soy milk & soy yogurt).  In addition to that her acid reflux seems to have made a comeback- AND she got two new teeth.  Needless to say the poor girl was downright miserable!  I ended up taking her to the doctor last Monday & we have restarted her Zantac which thankfully is really helping.  The doctor also told me to bump up her ibuprofen dose due to her weight, & that too has helped tremendously.mommy luxuries

Anyhow, with everything going on with her, Rachel became extremely clingy last week, moreso even than when she was a newborn.  I could not get her to nap anywhere other than in my arms & the second I put her down she would explode in tears & screaming fits.  I felt so bad for her but I was also losing my mind.  Part of being an introvert is that I get touched out really easily.  This was never really a problem before Rachel was born, but it’s something I knew would be a struggle for me as a mom.  And last week I just reached a breaking point.  introverts cats

I have said for months I would never do cry it out (CIO) but after four days of her napping nowhere other than my arms (or a few minutes in the car) I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I talked to several friends whom I really respect as moms & they all told me that there were times when they let their babies CIO for various reasons.  I finally came to a place where I knew that my mental health was being negatively affected by not trying CIO- & that was negatively affecting my ability to be a loving, nurturing mother.  Furthermore, I realized that as long as I could be sure that Rachel wasn’t hungry, wet/dirty, or in serious pain, it wouldn’t truly hurt her to let her cry for a few minutes, especially if it was for the sake of allowing me some precious alone time to mentally recharge.  Additionally I know that Rachel naps great for the babysitter when I work, & she obviously isn’t napping in her arms every time.  There have been a few “speed bumps” but for the most part every time I’ve tried CIO Rachel has only cried for a maximum of about five minutes before falling asleep, usually only two or three minutes.  And she is napping longer than she did in my arms because she’s achieving a deeper sleep!  I am still happy to let her fall asleep in my arms at bedtime because I do love the cuddles (& she’ll actually stay asleep when I put her down at night- I guess because she’s tired enough by then), but I truly do need her naptime to have some alone time to mentally recharge & keep myself sane. introvert fish

To be clear, prior to last week I never felt I needed to do any sort of real sleep training with Rachel because she has for the most part always been a good sleeper.  We have a great routine for bedtime & other than when she’s teething she has never fought naps too hard (with the notable exception of four months when she was just grumpy a lot, but back then she would fall asleep while I wore her in the carrier & she’d actually stay asleep when I put her down in the crib).  I certainly don’t think every parent should try CIO, & that’s not even really what this post is about.  introvert mom

What I’m really trying to say is that as moms we should probably never say never because we’ll inevitably eat those words someday.  And more importantly, we as moms have to advocate for our own mental health.  Sometimes that means doing things we’d ideally rather not do.  For some moms this means giving up breastfeeding, while for some of us it means trying CIO when we would much rather not.  For some it may mean going back to work part or full time despite having planned to be a SAHM.  I have great respect for moms who don’t get touched out as easily as I do.  Trust me, many times I wish I were one of them!  But at the end of the day I’m a saner mom if I don’t let Rachel sleep on me constantly.  And a saner mom is ALWAYS a better mom who is more capable of providing the loving, nurturing care that her child needs.  And at the end of the day, that is all that really matters.

I can’t end this post without saying thank you to all the moms who have supported & encouraged me from day one, especially those who messaged me last week when I was truly struggling.  Y’all are the best.  I really does take a village!

Free Speech Under Attack

If you haven’t yet read about the Google employee who was fired for questioning the company’s diversity policy, then you need to do so immediately.  I couldn’t care less what your opinion is on this man’s statements (they’re actually pretty mild in my opinion), but it’s obvious to me that the company’s reaction to this was way out of proportion to the “crime” committed.  It’s already been proven that Google has far Left political leanings & isn’t afraid to exploit its power to try to sway public opinion.  This was evidenced when analyses found that Google’s suggested searches on Hillary Clinton were largely positive while its suggested searches on Donald Trump were largely negative.  But that’s a story for another day.  voltaire quote

The heart of the matter here is that free speech is under attack in this country like never before in our history.  The Left has so brainwashed us that the moment anyone dares utter an opinion that doesn’t match their own, that person is immediately branded as racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, or any number of other polarizing terms.  It’s really a very effective strategy because it largely shuts down that person’s ability to be heard because who wants to associate with someone so “backward?”

free speech

Can I get an amen?!

President Trump’s recent decision to exclude transgender folks from military service is an excellent example of how the Left has used its political & social clout to silence those of us who dare to agree with his decision.  Please hear me out here.  I am by no means a big fan of Trump.  I could not bring myself to vote for him (or Clinton).  Furthermore I 100% support gay marriage & respect for transgender people.  HOWEVER, the military is SUPPOSED to be elitist.  The military can & does turn folks away all the time for medical issues such as asthma or psychiatric illnesses.  This may seem unfair but the function of the military is to support & protect the safety & integrity of the United States.  Because a transgender person cannot serve in active duty while undergoing gender reassignment therapy or surgery, it seems to me it is only logical to exclude them from military service the same as I might be excluded for having asthma.  The military never has been & never should be a true equal opportunity employer.  I am trying really hard not to say duh here.  Oops, I said speech cartoon

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, I could take the Left a lot more seriously if I saw them campaigning for more men in traditionally feminine fields such as childcare, nursing, or teaching.  But I have yet to see that happen.  I’m a woman & I personally couldn’t care less if certain fields are dominated by men & others by women.  So what?  As long as both genders have the freedom to pursue whatever career we choose (which we do), it makes no difference at all to me if more women choose certain fields over others.  orwell quote

Free speech is the most fundamental right of American society, & it is truly horrifying to me how quickly so many folks want to throw this away in the name of “security” or out of fear of offending anyone.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I think Neonazis, the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, & other such fringe groups are lunatics.  But I absolutely support their right to say whatever they want to say, so long as they are not actually harming anyone in the process.  Burning crosses on someone’s lawn because of their race or ethnicity?  Hell, no, that’s obviously a crime.  But voicing your opinion in words or writing?  That’s their right as much as it is anyone else’s.  I don’t worry about such fringe groups because I truly believe most people are logical & decent enough to see how ridiculous they are, so it’s extremely unlikely that their ideas will ever become mainstream.  Besides, once we start criminalizing certain things as “hate speech,” the cycle has begun & there’s no way to know when or where it will end. fact feeling

Milo Yiannopoulos is an excellent example of how the Left portrays anyone who dares to question them as a lunatic.  I’ve read Milo’s book & there was very little in it that was really all that radical.  In my opinion his only truly “radical” beliefs are his opinions about transgenderism & his belief that birth control makes women unattractive.  On those issues I strongly disagree with him.  But on most everything else I think he is spot on.  But dear lord, how hard it is for me to admit that because I fear that I too will be branded a white supremacist or some other such nonsense!milo book

But I’ve finally gotten to the point that I’ve had enough.  You can call me a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a bigot, a redneck, or any other denigrative term you desire.  It doesn’t matter to me anymore because  it’s all such bullshit & if you took the time to actually know me, you would realize none of those things could be further from the truth.

Well, it is possible I might be a little bit of a redneck . . . But the educated articulate kind who loves classical music & heavy metal, enjoys defying stereotypes, supports the legalization of marijuana (actually of all drugs) & prostitution, & yes, is a huge supporter of gun rights.  If you’re a liberal reading this, I suggest you sit down & drink a cold glass of water because I probably just blew your mind a little bit- & God knows I hurt your feelings.

Dear Feminists, You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

Dear Feminists,

You’ve got some explaining to do.  Just a few days ago it came to my attention that due to your efforts so-called “manspreading” has been banned on public transit in Madrid.  I had to stop myself from laughing in public when I first read this news.  Pray tell me, are you next going to campaign for a ban on obese people or people with luggage who also take up “too much space” on public transit?  It’s really the only logical conclusion at this point, yet somehow I doubt I’ll see you picketing for this.manspreading

Furthermore, in the past few months it’s become common practice for feminists to campaign for Sharia law (Linda Sarsour, anyone?).  Honestly just writing that sentence makes me want to puke. It’s full of such cognitive dissonance that I truly do not see how you can sleep with yourselves.  Feminists by definition are supposed to support equal rights & fair treatment of women, & yet here you are supporting a culture that continually tramples on women’s rights & treats them worse than cattle.

sharia law

And yet feminists are supporting this?!

For the life of me I cannot comprehend how anyone, much less an avowed feminist, could support a system that condones domestic abuse, child brides, & the killing of those guilty of such “crimes” as adultery, being raped, or simply being homosexual.  I thought modern feminists were all about tolerance of “alternative” lifestyles, yet here you are promoting a religious/cultural system that is about as far from tolerant as one can get.

rape culture

Say what?  You have got to be kidding me!

Before you get all self-righteous, yes, I know there are plenty of Christian & Jewish groups who are also guilty of all kinds of misdeeds against women (not to mention homosexuals) as well.  I am by no means excusing their behavior.  It’s just curious to me how those groups so quickly fall under your judgment while Muslims, even fundamentalist jihadist ones, have somehow morphed into a modern sacred cow that cannot be questioned.

And no, I am not naive enough to believe that all Muslims are terrible people.  Of course not.  But far be it from me to promote or ignore segments of Islamic (or any other) culture that so obviously disregard basic human rights for women.

womens rights

I think these women would be ashamed of what modern Feminism has become.

Modern feminists, it seems to me that your real goal is avoiding offending anyone, or at least anyone who you consider worthy (i.e. you couldn’t care less about offending white men of course).  Well, I’ve got news for you.  The world is offensive.  It’s heinous even, at times.  And much of that is never going to change.  But if you want to make the world a better place, stop focusing on non issues like “manspreading” & focus on things that are actually hurting women.  By all means campaign for better maternity leave in the U.S.  I’ll gladly join you on that one.  But let us not forget our sisters around the globe who don’t even have the luxury of campaigning for such things.  Let us not be so cowardly that we tolerate the mistreatment of women & other disenfranchised groups in the name of being inoffensive.offended meme

While horrific honor killings are becoming increasingly more common in European countries such as Germany, not to mention in Middle Eastern countries like Pakistan, you’re focused on how men sit on public transportation.  If this weren’t such a serious issue where lives are literally at stake it would be laughable.

So feminists, once again I say to you, you’ve got some explaining to do.


A woman who is increasingly ashamed to call herself a feministhonor killings

[P.S. I’m not saying manspreading doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem.  But making it illegal is just plain silly.  If you’re such an independent strong woman, why don’t you just ask the guilty party to adjust his position a bit to make room for you?  Duh.]