Best Hand/Face Cream Ever: Windrift Hill Goats N’ Oats

Last week’s post was very serious & deep so this week I thought I’d post something a bit more light-hearted & fun to even things out a little.

nubian goats

While in Montana, I came across the best hand/face cream ever.  After hiking 11+ miles at Glacier National Park, my husband & I stopped at a gift shop on our way out of the park, & it was there that I first encountered Windrift Hill’s products.  Windrift Hill is a Nubian goat farm in North Central Montana run by an occupational therapist & her family (see  They make lotions, soaps, & body butters from goat’s milk.  At the gift shop at Glacier National Park I came across a number of these products & immediately fell in love with the fresh, clean scents.  Unfortunately they only had a sample of my favorite scent, the Goats N’ Oats.  I was reassured by the staff at the gift shop that these products are easy to find in gift shops all across Montana so I decided to just keep looking elsewhere.  On our very last night in Montana my husband & I checked out a gift shop just up the street from the cabin in which we were staying in Cooke City, Montana (just outside Yellowstone).  Lo & behold, there was the sacred Goats N’ Oats body butter!  All of the Windrift Hill scents are pleasant, but the Goats N’ Oats, made with almond essential oil, strikes me as the most pure, simple scent of them all.  As my husband is allergic to many fragrances & my own asthma is often triggered by strong fragrances, this was a win-win for both of us.

As it turns out my husband & I have both ended up using this body butter.  In fact I just ordered a 2 lb tub of the stuff as a Christmas gift for both of us!  My husband has found it works very well as an alternative to beard oil.  And we both love it for our hands.  (As a nurse I ALWAYS have dry hands from frequent hand-washing.)  I have a tendency to get very dry skin in the winter, especially around my nose & the corners of my eyes.  Last year the corners of my eyes got so dry, red, & irritated that it was literally painful.  This year thankfully I have Goats N’ Oats body butter to help combat/prevent that.

Sorry this picture is slanted but I swear this really is the best hand/face cream ever!

Sorry this picture is slanted but I swear this really is the best hand/face cream ever!

Fortunately you do not have to be anywhere near  Montana to order Windrift Hill products.  They have a great website where you can order their products (  I would suggest starting with the 4 oz size to see which scent you most prefer.  As I said, all of the scents I encountered at the gift shops in Montana were great.  But the Goats N’ Oats is definitely my favorite.  And most importantly it really is great for dry skin, even on the face.  Try it & let me know what you think!


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